Al-Saad Foundation

Al-Saad Foundation for Knowledge and Scientific Research

H.H.Shaikha Fadyah Al Saad AL Sabah

Chair of Al-Saad Foundation

The Saad Foundation established in 2009 by Sheikha Fadyah Saad Abdullah Al Sabah is dedicated to the historical legacy of the late Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Saad, works to advance human development through:

  • Primary social research
  • Public advocacy in education
  • Advancing scientific knowledge
  • Data driven social change
  • Dignity research

Scope of Activities 

  • Sheikha Fadyah Saad Al Sabah Scientific competition (1999- until present)
  • Annual public symposium “the social life of dignity” (2012)
  • UNESCO (2014- until present)
  • Signing MOU with REC (2015)
  • Middle East Women’s Inventors & Innovators Network “MEWIIN” (2019- until present)
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