Middle East Women Inventors & Innovators Network (MEWIIN)

The Middle East Women’s’ Inventors & Innovators Network “MEWIIN” is a network that was launched by the Al Saad Foundation in partnership with the Global Women Inventors & Innovators Network (GlobalWIIN) which stems across Europe, Africa, North America, and Asia Pacific.

The MEWIIN (Middle East Women Inventors & Innovators Network) International was launched on the 28th of October 2020 in the heart of Kuwait through a virtual awarding ceremony the first of its kind in the Middle East. Celebrating and recognizing women involved in creating viable new ideas, exceptional creativity, innovation, research development and enterprise.

MEWIIN also puts a spotlight on women from a diversity of backgrounds that include brilliant exceptionally creative, inventive, innovative, entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, technologists from all sectors right across the Middle East and beyond. This is one by allowing MEWIIN to become a platform for them to showcase their inventions and innovations to a panel of international judges ultimately giving them the opportunity to win the IBTIKAR Award. This award is their ticket that allows them the entry into the GlobalWIIN Award in collaboration with Wintrade international platform.

The MEWIIN International forms part of the Global Women Inventors & Innovators Network (GlobalWIIN) in collaboration with Al Saad Foundation who will be hosting and leading all MEWIIN activities in the Middle East.

MEWIIN has the clear aim of combining technology and knowledge transfer to achieve greater impact while helping women promote their ideas so that other young women would be inspired to follow in their footsteps and consider careers associated with being inventive and innovative.


  • Helping women achieve progress in all technological and economic fields.
  • Exchanging experiences and finding opportunities for female inventors to develop and globally market their projects.
  • Educating and guiding women to the right methods that support them in achieving their goals.


  • To be the first networking platform for women to contribute to technological developments and global markets.


  • Teamwork In MEWIIN, we believe in teamwork to train individuals that work as part of a team in achieving organizational goals.
  • Role Model Aiming at a female role model who achieved success in many fields to influence other females.
  • Pioneering and Technology  We improve the spirit of innovation and excellence through our initiatives and concentrate on a woman’s success, her enduring desire for education, and exchanging knowledge and experiences.