Middle East Women Inventors & Innovators Network (MEWIIN) – Kuwait was launched on 28/10/2020 under the umbrella of Al-Saad Foundation, of which major goals are to raise human development through knowledge and scientific research. In partnership with the Global Women Inventors & Innovators Network (GlobalWIIN).

  • Helping woman to a chive progress in all technological and economic fields.
  • Exchanging experiences and finding opportunities for female inventors to develop and globally market their projects.
  • Educating and guiding women to the right methods that support them to achieve their goals.

To be the first networking platform for women to contribute into technological developments and global markets.

  • Team work In MEWIIN, we believe in team work to train individuals that work in a team to achieve organizations goals
  • Role Model Aiming at a female role model who achieved successes in many fields to influence other females.
  • Pioneering and Technology We improve the spirit of innovation and excellency through our initiatives and concentrate on woman’s success, her enduring desire for education, and exchanging knowledge and experiences.


Facilitate methods

Facilitate methods of collaboration, locally and internationally to exchange experiences and visions of middle eastern women to encourage them and demonstrate their positive effect economically and scientifically.

Founding the first “MEWIIN”

Founding the first “MEWIIN” platform to encourage young female to exchange knowledge and experiences to enable them to emerge into a new world of innovation

Hosting workshops and seminars

Hosting workshops and seminars for Arabi women in order to economically, scientifically and socially qualify them.


H.H.Shaikha Fadyah Al Saad AL Sabah

Chair of Al-Saad Foundation

Dr. Bola Olabisi

Founder & CEO of GlobalWIIN

Shaikha Nabila Al Sabah

Chair of IBTIKAR Initiative

IBTIKAR Award is the award that will be presented to the winners
on October 2021 in parallel.
It will then be the access card for the winners to compete
in the GlobalWIIN Award 2021 in London

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